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Our Decision to Change Realtors
August 2019
Selecting a realtor is not to be taken lightly since that decision can have a major impact on what is likely your largest financial asset. It is especially important to have the right team when relocating to a new area. My husband and I moved into a rental home in Scottsdale about nine months ago. Really liking all the area had to offer, a few months later we started looking to purchase a property. We initially began working with a realtor who was very knowledgeable about the market in North Scottsdale. However, after only a short time in the area we decided that we wanted to be more centrally located, specifically closer to shopping, restaurants and the airport. This is when our search stalled and when we realized that we needed to work with someone who was not only an experienced real estate professional, but one who actually has deep knowledge of our desired target area. Fortunately, we were referred to Cionne McCarthy and her partner, Mikhail Quijada. Given the time our initial realtor had spent introducing us to the Scottsdale real estate market and working with us on three contracts that failed to move forward for various reasons, we had been reluctant to make a realtor change. Cionne, immediately sensing this concern at our first meeting, demonstrated her impeccable professionalism and ethics by offering to provide some compensation to our prior realtor should we close escrow on a property with her. Cionne and Mikhail subsequently demonstrated on numerous occasions why they are the A team for properties in central Scottsdale, Arcadia and PV. They listen well and quickly provided a group of properties for us to consider. We had initially intended to find a home in our preferred location that we could renovate. In order to assess the feasibility of making an offer on several of these properties, we needed to consult with a quality building contractor. In this regard, Cionne’s local knowledge and network allowed us to be quickly connected to the resources we needed to make a decision. This was an iterative process and we were impressed at how well Cionne and Mikhail adapted to our changing realization of what the right property would be for us. Ultimately, we landed at a townhome in Old Town Scottsdale and felt that would best meet our needs. Cionne and Mikhail were very supportive during our due-diligence process as we had numerous questions answered that differed from our detached home search. We were so impressed at how quickly they got answers for us and met us at the property numerous times in order for us to be comfortable making a decision. When it came time to make an offer, the process was easy. Cionne and Mikhail did a masterful job negotiating with the seller to arrive at our target price, even offering to forego a realtor incentive to make that happen. Wow! We really don’t think you’ll ever see that level of professionalism from another realtor team. We can’t think of enough superlatives for the Cionne and Mikhail team, when you select them as your realtors you can be assured that you are working with the best of the best. We are truly grateful for all that Cionne and Mikhail have done for us and consider them among our new friends in Scottsdale. We look forward to sharing a celebratory dinner with them soon in our new home.
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